''Her attention to detail, clarity, and creative flair resulted in a product I could never have imagined.'' 


"She is succinct and knows how to craft the precise communication necessary for every client."

RaeWrites began with a simple premise: business writing should speak with precision and purpose, in language transparent, concise, and engaging.

I help businesses, executives, and individuals deliver compelling communications, the kind that drive results and add value.  I’ve done so for a wide range of clients, including speech-language pathology, creative arts, animal welfare, political candidates, non-profits, and governmental organizations.

Whether writing, copywriting, editing, branding, or content marketing, I’ll clarify the essence of your message and convey it with pinpoint precision, making it understandable but keeping it smart.








My professional and educational background is in music performance and legal research/writing - an admittedly unusual combination, but one that benefits clients looking for engaging content that uniquely fuses creativity and logic. I have a certificate in Professional Writing from the University of California Berkeley and enjoy leading as co-chair of the Special Interest Group of Independent Communicators, BC Chapter, International Association of Business Communicators.


Areas of special interest or expertise include:

Animals and animal welfare

Canine and equine

Crisis communication

Content planning and development


Editing of academic writing


Expert articles

Internal communications

Marketing and brand-related content

Music and music performance



Public Relations